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Free Prescriptions
Needymeds (www.Needymeds.com) provides updated information on most major drug companies free medication programs. Most drug companies have programs that offer many prescription drugs free of charge to qualified individuals who cannot afford them.

The Medicine Program (http://www.themedicineprogram.com) WHAT'S THE BEST KEPT SECRET of the drug business? You can get your medicine free of charge. Amid the growing furor about rising prescription costs, many patients and doctors aren't aware that the drug companies themselves give away millions of dollars worth of drugs each year. Most people do not know these programs exist. An organization known as The Medicine Program is here to help and cuts the red tape for thousands of eligible Americans. You can request a free brochure/application by calling 1-573-996-7300 or go to the Web page and download an application. There is a $5 processing fee.

You can call the pharmaceutical company directly that manufactures your drug and ask them if they have a patient assistance program. If they do, ask them what their requirements are and how to apply. Some companies require that you have limited income or no insurance but some only require a doctor’s referral. Some of the names for these types of programs are patient assistance programs, reimbursement programs, indigent patient programs, compassionate care programs or medical needs programs.

Make sure you ask the drug company how you will receive the prescription drugs and how you can get refills. Most companies will send the medication directly to your doctor. Sometimes there are problems with delays in receiving the drugs so check to see what the company’s shipping schedule is and what you or your doctor should do if there is a problem.

Philadelphia Health Centers
The Health Care Centers offer a wide range of primary care and public health services. These services include primary medical care, pre-natal care, dental care, family planning, counseling services and more. In general in order for you to receive service from a Health Care Center you must be able to show that you are a resident of Philadelphia. For more specific information on eligibility, visit the Health Center Eligibility for Care page.

Hill-Burton Hot Line
In 1946 the Hill-Burton program was established to assist small communities obtain their hospitals. In exchange for this assistance the hospitals are required to provide free or low cost care to the their community. Each hospital can decide which types of services to provide free or at a low charge but they must provide you with written notice as to which service they will provide and what you must do to qualify. To find out more about his program call the Hill-Burton Hot Line at 1-800-638-0742. Hill-Burton Free Care Brochure

The Cost Containment Research Institute
Helps consumers find important information on cost saving topics. When asked for a password, click on cancel and you will be brought to the web site.